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Toasted Caramel Port


It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Intensely creamy and pleasantly sweet, this full-bodied dessert wine combines rich caramel aroma with the robust flavors of red fruit. The buttery caramel notes give this wine a roundness and texture on the palate that is perfectly balanced with rich toasted notes on the finish. 

• Make 'Full Batch' 28-30 Bottles 375ml. $134.50 Tax incl. 

• 'Just a Taste' COMES WITH FREE Bottles, Labels and Foil Shrinks. 
• Make 'Just a Taste' 10 Bottles 375ml $65.93 Tax incl. 

• You'll have it in time for the Holidays. 6 weeks to make, don't delay!  
• Limited Seasonal Quantities Available

• All wines come with a 100% LOVE Your Wine, Taste Guarantee.
• No appointment necessary to start your wine, we'll be expecting you... Drop in anytime!