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LE16 Grenache Cabernet with grape skins


LE16 Grenache Cabernet with grape skins
Riverland, Australia

Cabernet Sauvignon, the undisputed “king” of grapes, is a big, bold character that has strong tannins in his youth, yet unwinds himself with age to a smooth, velvety texture that is worth waiting for.  Flavours like black currant (cassis) jam, cigar box and black olive.  Grenache is the yin to Cabernet Sauvignon’s yang.  It’s both soft and jammy to balance out the powerful structure of Cabernet, yet rich and spicy enough to stand up to him.  Flavours like red licorice, black cherry and raspberry combine with warm vanilla and spice that rounds out the blend perfectly. Enjoy this wine with bold protein-rich dishes like grilled steak on the barbecue or wild mushroom risotto if meat is not on the menu. 

BODY: Full
OAK: Heavy
ALCOHOL: 14.5%

• Makes 28-30 750ml Bottles
• Labels Included
• Price Includes Taxes 
$171.95 + $4.16 HST = $176.11
$161.95 + $4.16 HST = $166.11