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2021 Limited Release Washington Sangiovese Rosé




Though still a relatively young region, the State of Washington was destined to be world-class wine country. It sits at the 46th parallel north ~ a sweet spot for growing grapes, where the long days of sunshine couple with cool nights to preserve aromas, freshness and acidity.  Sangiovese is finding a strong home here, particularly as a rosé. The growing conditions foster the grape's fruit forward flavours and prized acidity, making it a star choice for a perfectly satisfying rosé.

Bright flavours of wild strawberry, raspberry and cherry accented with subtle mineral and citrus notes and soft juicy peach undertones. Crisp, fresh and off-dry.

Perfect for sipping on its own, or pair with cedar planked salmon, grilled chicken or sausage, caprese salad or Hawaiian pizza.

Body: Light-Medium
Sweetness: Off-dry
Oak: None
Alcohol: 12%

Makes 28-30 750ml Bottles
$153.95 + $4.42 HST = $158.37

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